About the K-9's & vests

About the K-9's & their Duties

  • Obedience
  • Protecting existing
  • VIPs
  • Tracking
  • Evidence recovery
  • Area search
  • Article search
  • Lost person search
  • Building search
  • Demos and education
  • Locker search
  • Lost person search
  • Cadaver search
  • Criminal apprehension
  • Handler protection
  • Drug detection
  • Explosives detection
  • Arson/Accelerant detection
  • Electronic Detection

About Wisconsin Vest-A-Dog Protection Vests

A K-9 officer faces the same if not greater risk than human officer as they are often sent in ahead of their human counterparts to apprehend suspects or investigate dangerous situations. The cost of a vest can vary due to differences in quality, material, protection level, weight, etc.

We are now letting all of the officers and deputies choose which vest they would like to protect their K-9 officer. 

All vests are a bulletproof and stab proof combination. In addition, they minimize blunt trauma injuries. In the past 10 years, bullet, stab or blunt trauma injuries caused 60% of police dog deaths. The manufacturer’s warranty for the vests varies but is usually 5 years after which they need to be replaced.

Below are a few of the most popular vests, not listed in any particular order.

Handlers may also choose from additional vest styles not shown below.


Designed over the past year based on feedback and testing by multiple agencies, the Agile Canine Vest or ACV is the most advanced K-9 carrier soft armor solution on the market. With groundbreaking features such as the hidden dynamic cummerbund, shoulder fit adjustments and covered zipper closure, the ACV is a streamlined package allowing the K-9 to be free in movement with minimal snag points; while offering the best armor options in ballistic and stab protection. Now available with the durable Boa® Fit System, which allows for instant micro-adjustments for a precise and custom fit. Patents pending.
  • 3-Dimensional spacer mesh lining
  • Inline crowd control handle
  • D-Ring attachment points for short or long leads
  • Heavy duty zipper closure on top of vest
  • Four points of adjustment
  • Shoulder fit adjustment
  • Hidden Dynamic Cummerbund
  • Belly and chest coverage
  • GPS tracking pocket
  • Front and side ID badge attachment points
  • Utilizes alpha sizing system
  • ACV Cut

Color Options


Armor Express – TEX10

We’ve got your K-9 partner covered with our custom sized TEX 10 K-9 armor. With improved comfort, mobility and reduced weight, the TEX 10 K-9 armor offers outstanding functionality.

The TEX 10 features dual crowd control handles, two D-Rings for short or long leads, MOLLE webbing for attaching flashlights and tracking devices, as well as optional left, right, and front ID tags.

Made from durable nylon material, the TEX 10 has three buckles for ease of getting into, adjusting and removing. The TEX 10 provides maximum coverage to the vital organs.

  • Front and side ID badge attachment points
  • Belly and chest coverage
  • Attachment point for a wireless camera system (not included)
  • Chest and side adjustment and release points
  • D-Rings for short or long leads
  • Dual point crowd control handles
  • 3-D space mesh lining for comfort and cooling
  • Multiple sizes fitting a range of breeds
  • Available in any of our ballistic or spike armor solutionsElite

Color Options


Stealth Fighter K9 Level IIIA Ballistic Vest

The Stealth Fighter K-9 Ballistic Vest offers the highest, soft body armour protection available at a Level 3A. This K-9 vest was designed to be worn at all times while on patrol and offer maximum mobility while protecting major vital organs. The side panels, front chest plate and shoulder straps all have Level 3A ballistic panels in them that will stop all handgun ammo.

This Mil-Spec K-9 vest has a cool mesh lining on the underside to provide continuous airflow between the dog, and the vest which allows water to escape the vest once the dog comes out of the water. The ballistic panels are sealed in a waterproof nylon and are removable so the vest can be easily cleaned.

This vest only weighs between 2.5 – 5.5lbs depending on size.

Available in:

Coyote Brown
Multi Cam

Fits 75 to 85 pound German Shepherds and Malinois

Click here for more information and to be taken to the Elite K9 Site

Point Blank Body Armor – K-9 Vest

  • Durable abrasion resistant outershell construction
  • Improved adjustability at chest for a secure fit
  • Designed for rapid donning/doffing
  • Built-in harness guides
  • Split collar for full range of motion during tracking
  • Oversized Mil-Spec D-Ring for rapid lead attachment
  • Spinal plate attachment for tactical
  • Body, Chest and Tail Outershell
  • Available colors: Multi-Cam, Ranger Green, O.D. Green, Tan and Black

Color Options


K-9 Tactical Edge Level II Ballistic Vest with Spike Package (Stab and Shank Resistant)

The N.I.J. Certified Level II ballistic vests are the lightest and most flexible Level II ballistic vests on the market.

  • Multiple hit capacity
  • Stab and Shank resistant
  • D-Ring hookup in front and rear on top of vest for snap lead
  • Comes with two velcro I.D. panels of your choice (These are the same panels used on our I.D. collar and harness and are interchangeable)
  • Outer cover made of ballistic nylon for easy cleaning
  • Handle on top of vest
  • German Shepherd vest weighs 8 lbs and Malinois model (Item # KV300) weighs 7 lbs.

    NOTE: These items cannot be shipped outside of the US.

    Adjustable, so that one size fits all.

  • Made from 2″ Mil-Spec nylon
  • Features a contour, quick release, cop-lock buckle and a 2″ D-ring
  • Uses same I.D. Panels as the Elite K-9 Patrol Harness
  • I.D. Panels are removable and have a velcro backing


    ID Panels – 8″ x 2″

    #CID 832

    #CID 822

    #CID 842

    #CID 802

    #CID 812

    Olive Drab ID Panels – 8″ x 2″

    #CID 821

    #CID 801

    #CID 811

    #CID 841

    3M™ Silver Reflective ID Panels – 8″ x 2″

    #CID 820

    #CID 800

    #CID 810

    3M™ Blank Silver Reflective ID Panel – 8″ x 2″

    Panels are shipped blank, no lettering. Use them with our Harness or ID collar.
    We do not do any screen printing or embroidery in house.
    You can take them to a local T-shirt shop to have them customized.

    #CID 880

    3M™ Orange Reflective ID Panels – 8″ x 2″

    #CID 844

    #CID 843

    #CID 874

    #CID 845
    #CID 834

Click here for more information and to be taken to the Elite K9 Site – KV200

Click here for more information and to be taken to the Elite K9 Site – KV300

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