K9 Kai is the sole reason...

this organization exists. He is the reason that now, and in the future, every K-9 officer in the state of Wisconsin will receive bullet & stab proof vests to protect them as they protect us. Many K-9s will live because he died. He gave his life that day to save the lives of his partner, his fellow officers and the citizens of his County. He displayed selflessness, courage, dedication and the bravery of K-9 police officers everywhere. His life was meaningful and his death was not in vain.

On March 5, 1994, K-9 Kai was shot in the chest while successfully disarming a criminal. He was not wearing a bullet proof vest like his fellow human officers. Sadly, most departments are not given the funds to provide this armor for their K-9 officers. Had Detective Thomas been given that protection for K-9 Kai, he would have used it. K-9 Kai’s love, respect, loyalty and devotion for his partner, Detective Thomas, was so obvious from his genuine, pure, and deeply unwavering willingness to risk his life. To be loved like that is an amazing thing and Detective Thomas knew it. The love he had for Kai was no less than that of a family member. I cannot imagine losing my friend, my partner and my family pet all in one moment. That’s why I founded and maintain WI Vest-A-Dog.

K-9 Kai received the “Medal of Honor” posthumously. He left behind a legacy that I cannot even begin to describe. I’ve been determined to add one more chapter to his legacy that will continue on for years to come. To bring even more meaning to his life and untimely death through WI Vest-A-Dog. If I could have saved K-9 Kai’s life, I would have, and I’m sure you would have too. We couldn’t. However, we can defend the lives of his canine comrades who enter into harms way everyday. And, together, in honor of Deputy K-9 Kai and Detective Andy Thomas, we are doing just that!

I’ll never forget you Kai.

Donna Morgan

Dedicated to K-9 Officer Kai of the Bannock County Sheriff’s Department, whose death in the line of duty inspired the creation and continuing existence of Wisconsin Vest-A-Dog, Inc., and to Detective Andy Thomas whose love and commitment to K-9 Kai was steadfast and relentless.

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